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“An actor's director!” - Rita Tushingham


I love people,  mostly I am interested in the human condition.  It's not easy to be here.  All of us will face circumstances in life that require us to face it with strength and courage that we are not really sure we have.   Some will  commit crimes and extreme acts,  some will just try to get by day to day.  All of us will be idiots. 


I look for unusual ways or points of view of telling the stories that affect us all. 


Director and Producer.  Co -produced with 136 Films

A story of dementia and enduring love,  told through crossword prose. 

Cast:  Rita Tushingham, Paul Barber, Emily Fairn and Aaron Gordon

DOP: Neal Parsons.

Official Selection BAFTA, BIFA and Academy qualifying festivals.

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LIVING - Post Production

Director, Writer and Producer

How would you plan your funeral?  A dark comedy.

Cast: Leigh Kelly and Stacha Hicks

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- In 

Currently in workshop development  - a comedy thriller with MoCap, physical theatre/puppetry artists and actors.... more details to follow soon.



Director and Writer.  An absurdist take on the most socially acceptable sin of our time.

Cast: Meghan Treadway, Jerone Marsh-Reid, Sy Thomas

Producer: Arts Council and Told By An Idiot.  

DOP: Andrew Howe

The 7 deadly Idiots won Best Experimental Film at The Latitude film festival and Best Short and Rwanda Film Festival.

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88 NATE STREET (AKA Murder and Maim)

Director, Writer and Producer

A TV series Proof of Concept.  Wanted,  Assassins. No experience necessary.

Cast: Aaron Gordon, Nicholas A Newman, Leigh Kelly, Sheila Holdsworth, Mark Coltman and Stacha Hicks

DOP: Neal Parsons

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GLASS SLIPPERS - In development

A new take on an old fairy tale. 

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