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II made my first film at 19.  A western, on a friends home camcorder. The film was edited in camera,  as I didn't have access to anything to edit it on.  Thankfully it was enough to get me onto a film course and then later a BA (Hons)) Film and Video degree.  Where I would make films using Super 8, 16 mm, 35mm, and Digital.   It was a great time to study.  I then went on to work in various capacities  on documentaries, music videos, shorts and features.  Usually as part of lighting and camera departments. 

It was writing standup that brought me back to film.  Some stories are only meant to be told this way.  I set up Monkey Dawn Productions and started making films again.



Director and Producer. 

Cast:  Rita Tushingham, Paul Barber, Emily Fairn and Aaron Gordon

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LIVING - Post Production

Director and Writer

Cast: Leigh Kelly and Stacha Hicks

Living 2_edited.jpg

- In 

Currently in workshop development  - a comedy thriller with MoCap, physical theatre/puppetry artists and actors.... more details to follow soon.



Director and Writer

Cast: Meghan Treadway, Jerone Marsh-Reid, Sy Thomas

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88 NATE STREET (AKA Murder and Maim)

Director, Writer and Producer

Cast: Aaron Gordon, Nicholas A Newman, Leigh Kelly, Sheila Holdsworth, Mark Coltman and Stacha Hicks

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GLASS SLIPPERS - In development

A new take on an old fairy tale. 

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