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I made my first film at 19.  A western, on a friends home camcorder. The film was edited in camera,  as I didn't have access to anything to edit it on.  Thankfully it was enough to get me onto a film course and then later a BA (Hons)) Film and Video degree.  Where I would make films using Super 8, 16 mm, 35mm, and Digital.   It was a great time to study.  I then went on to work in various capacities  on documentaries, music videos, shorts and features.  Usually as part of lighting and camera departments.   I would then become an actor and then a stand up  comic.... it would take a few pints to tell you that one.

It was writing standup that brought me back to film.  Some stories I only want tell this way.  I set up Monkey Dawn Productions and started making films again.


Nominated for BEST DIRECTOR at the New York Odyssey Film Festival.


Currently at festival _ELICIT_  Official selection for BAFTA and BIFA qualifying Aesthetica and Norwich, and Academy qualifying Cinequest.

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