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Pics above are from Happy Hour  performed in 2023,  receiving a Standing Ovation Nomination.

Stacha also previously received a nomination for BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE,  OFF WEST END AWARDS, Stacha consistently produces excellent reviews:  


Stacha Hicks’s central performance as Jacqui is simply exquisite. 

London Pub Theatres, 2023

Hicks brings Jacqui to life with an emotional yet comedic performance. Happy Hour tackles an extremely tough subject with respect and delivers an emotional piece of work.  Be prepared to go on a rollercoaster with the characters in this show. 

Theatre and Tonic, 2023

Plenty of emotional impact to go around, fully sold by its cast. Stacha Hicks perfectly embodies both the highs and lows of alcoholism.

Reviews Hub, 2023

Hicks has the flavour of authenticity

Pub Theatres One, 2023

Stacha Hicks gives a particularly powerful performance as the newly widowed but still delightfully stoical Pauline

Theatre Things, 2019

Delightful turn from Stacha Hicks

London Theatre, 2019


Beautiful playing by Stacha Hicks, cheeky, off beat and vulnerable, she is truly effecting.

Film UK, 2014


Seriously funny comedy, brilliant writing fabulous cast.  Stacha Hicks's impersonation of the Queen chillaxing is a side splitting moment,

The Stage - 2012


Excellent playing from all the cast. There's a very sensitive performance from Stacha Hicks as Sally, who can't quite cope with what she has got herself into. 

British Theatre Guide - 2010


"in particular the relationship of a personal tutor with her disillusioned teenage student. Intelligently played by Georgia Winters and Stacha Hicks, this unconventional relationship is grippingly charged." 



"And watch out for the comedy Little Miss Sunshine moment as Cinderella (Stacha Hicks) rocks out to Prince's Purple Rain - pure comedy genius." 

The Guardian 2009


Hicks has a quality of immediacy and freshness that instinctively engages us on many levels. Her comic physicality marks her out as a very special performer and although it's difficult to chose her best moments, being so many in this role, her rendition of the Tango dance with Buttons the 'magic mouse' is a laugh-out-loud highlight. 2009


Half of one of the most endearing double acts this season, in school uniform and broad London accent Hicks has a scruffy charm far removed from the little Miss Perfects of Pantoland. 

Haringay Press 2009


Stacha Hicks, arguably the linchpin in the piece, puts in a heart-wrenching performance as the photographer desperately trying to understand her own feelings. 



Stacha Hicks is excellent as an awkward northern Cinderella. Funny and touching, she is a lovely casting. 



'Darren Tunstall's cast has some strong performances: Stacha Hicks in particular brings a nicely understated air of both sexual and spiritual desperation to the role of Ailish'



'Also outstanding is Stacha Hicks who adds layers of complexity to the role' 



The fretful Ailish's (played with great assurance by Stacha Hicks) simple radiance contrasts well with some of the course dialouge making it more shocking' 


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