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"If you are directing comedy all you really need to know is that Stacha is innovative, a pleasure to work with and hilariously funny. I haven't seen any of her "straight" acting but it is hard for me to imagine it would be anything other than excellent, given the thoughtfulness and integrity she brings to her roles." 

Andy Pearson, Director.



"Stacha’s inventiveness and ability to get under the skin of her character, playing the character with emotional truth and understatement marks her out as one of the most naturalistic and talented actresses of her generation. I really, truly, hope to work with her again."

Richard Bevan, Screenwriter and Playwright (Trading Faces)


"Stacha played the lead in a number of commercials I've made. She has a great look, but more than that she is able to completely get into character and play the comedy credibly and as we all know credible comedy is truly the holy grail in comedy as well as in life. If you want somebody who gets it then get Stacha. if you don't want somebody who gets it, well then good luck to you. You'll need it." 

Jim Hosking, Director



'Stacha is a complete professional and offered me so much more creatively, then what was written on the page. It was a real joy to work with her'

Lewis Arnold, Director


"Stacha worked for me as an actor developing a new play over several months. As well as being a fine actress with excellent comedy instincts, her comments on the script were insightful and helpful. She is also fine company and I would have no hesitation recommending you cast her."

David Spicer, Writer


"Stacha is a joy to work with. A very versatile actress and can handle anything that is thrown her way." 



"A talented and imaginative actor!"

Erica Miller, Director


"Stacha is a fantastic asset to any production, we thoroughly enjoyed her performances in our films and hope to work with her again soon." 

Tamsin Lyons. Ink and Light Films.



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